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About Madison Avenue Baptist Church

We welcome you to worship with us at Madison Avenue Baptist Church. We are a small, but loving congregation. We believe that three things are most important for us as a church. We believe we must have a Passion for Christ, a Compassion for People, and that we are to be ON Mission to the World. We love the Lord and the Bible, and preach Him each Sunday. We read scriptures and sing cherished songs of the faith. Our worship style is traditional usually accompanied by piano and organ. We often use other instruments when they are available.

What We Value The Most!

We value the Bible

 The Bible, the written record of God’s divine revelation finalized in Jesus Christ, is the basis for our corporate and personal lives.

We value Worship

Worship is our act of honoring the Holy God above all else. We worship Him as a group and as individuals through singing, scripture reading, and proclamation of the Bible. We value worship styles that remind us of God’s work in our lives and direct us to serve him supremely.

We value Prayer

Prayer springs from our worship of a Holy God. Without the renewing power of prayer, our actions are empty and meaningless.

We value Fellowship

 Fellowship means that we respect and serve each other in love. It means that we seek to become a true Christian family and include others in that experience.

We value Missions and Outreach

We are committed to support the evangelization of the world through Missions and Church planting. We support such efforts with prayer and finances and faithfully cooperate with other like-minded churches in the endeavor. We seek to grow our own fellowship through witnessing to others and personal and group evangelism.

We value Discipleship

 We commit ourselves to grow into Christian maturity, and by every means possible to assist others to grow into the likeness of Jesus.

We value Ministry

 Ministry is people helping people in the name of Jesus. It has an inward quality as we minister to the needs of our church family, and an outward quality as we seek to minister to those around us who are in need.

The “Madison Spirit”

The “Madison Spirit” is an attitude and mind-set that we of the Madison Avenue fellowship aspire to each day. It is how we want to live our Christian faith. It is a desire to serve God in a genuine and prayerful manner. The three phases of our church motto describe what we are and want to become.  As a church and as individuals we want to have…

Passion for Christ

A love for Jesus that expresses itself in prayer, worship, Bible study, ministry and service. It is a burning desire to know Him and make Him known.

Compassion for People

We desire to love individuals as Jesus loves them. We desire that they know Him as their Savior and that they experience His love and peace in their lives. We will seek to aid people in physical and personal ways to the extent of our abilities and resources.

On Mission to the World

Our Great Commission is to make disciples of all people, teaching them to observe everything the Lord has commanded us. We are to be active in sharing our faith, preaching the Gospel, and helping others to do the same. This is a goal we have that starts in our homes, our blocks, our community, our state and our nation. Our goal is active outreach to the world in the name of Jesus.

Our Partner Congregations

We at Madison believe that God has given us our buildings for His use. We desire to be good stewards of what He has given us. We do that by sharing our facilities with three other congregations.

The Russian-Ukrainian Baptist Church: The Russian-Ukrainian Baptist church ministers to recent immigrants from Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova and other Slavic countries in eastern Europe. The main languages of their worship services are Russian and Ukrainian, though they do use some English on occasion. Their leader is Pastor David Hanjiev.

The River City Christian Fellowship: The River City Christian Fellowship is a Baptist congregation ministering mainly to first and second generation Filipinos and their families. They worship in English and have a contemporary worship style. Their leader is Pastor Ferdinand (Ferdie) Quiratman.

Gods Romany Christian Church: Gods Romany Christian Church is an independent charismatic fellowship which ministers to the Romany or “Gypsy” people in the Sacramento area. They meet later in the evenings and their leader is Pastor Teddy John.

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